The communication reality

The communication reality

Sometimes you just want to ask for a little bit of help. Consulting services don't have to be expensive, lengthy or complex. In fact, you can call on Rosen Communication for actionable advice for as little as $200. Think of it as your own, personalized professional development session and a chance to discuss your specific situation.

First Pass

Call on an expert when you want to talk though a communication challenge. Get ideas for approaches or solutions that address your situation, objectives that are appropriate for your audience, and proven tactics to consider as you move forward. First Pass can jump-start your thinking as you prepare your own communication plan or message.

Second Opinion

Your communication plan is complete, but you'd like someone to validate your ideas before you proceed. Or, you are looking for a Second Opinion on your writing or media. Just contact us at Rosen Communication to set up a helpful review.


Two-second testimonials for Rosen Communication

"Easy to work with, creative in your approach, and the work was available on both deadline and budget."

New Orleans, LA

"Drafts solutions."

USA Today


"...a legend in corporate communications and editorial circles."

Pasadena, CA

"The best corporate communicator in the country."

Columbia, Missouri

"Sheri Rosen is a star!"

Durham, NC


"Excellent take-away knowledge that I have already decided to apply."
"Great session. Very engaging..."
"Sheri's points were great..."
"Sheri's information was very helpful -- I'll definitely use it..."
"Sheri Rosen was intriguing..."
"This was the best session I've attended so far!"

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IABC conference,
New Orleans

"...highly rated in terms of both content and delivery."

Boston, MA