Sheri Rosen creates opportunities for conversation and communication among employees, a management team, or any internal group of people who can drive your business success.  Traditional and digital media plays a role in creating the environment for a meaningful culture and strong results.

Have you considered...

  • simple strategies to tie communication to company goals--every time?
  • connecting employee communities and influencers to listen and engage?
  • face-to-face programs--up, down and across the organization?
  • storytelling for impact and emotional connections?

Sheri Rosen

Sheri Rosen is a conceptual and imaginative thinker who systematically and skillfully implements the best ideas.

She is proving her skills in managing employee communication for Frost, the largest Texas bank with headquarters in San Antonio renowned for its culture and brand. It is an opportunity to do what she particularly enjoys: building communication infrastructures and conceiving new programs. Her projects include change communication planning, writing for online and paper media, online site development, and an internal identity program that brands employee print and digital channels. Much of her work involves explaining technology advances to users, energizing employees involved in moves and mergers, and increasing fraud awareness in this digital world.

Sheri also founded Rosen Communication Group LLC. At USAA, a top-rated Fortune 500 financial services company, she administered planning, budget, project management and personnel responsibilities for the HR communication, employee media, and issues management departments. She also founded First Draft news service for corporate editors, then brokered the sale of this successful business, which is still operating.


Sheri is  a Fellow of the International Association of Business Communicators and has earned the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) professional designation.